Jan Domenech’s New Chapter as a Jazz Musician

Learning the ropes with the SAJB in 2011.
With Chamorro and Carla Motis, 2013.
Jan with Marc Martin and SAJB trombonist Joan Codina at St. Moritz, Switzerland, Sept. 2014.
Jan on the way to Paris in 2018, with Pablo Ruiz, Joan Chamorro, Alba Armengou, and Rita Payes.
This 2018 performance features the beautiful duet between Alba Armengou and Andrea Motis, with Jan contributing an especially delicate solo as well.
Jan plays one of his liveliest solos here on “Without a Song,” for the album “Joan Chamorro presenta Jan Domenech.”
With Chamorro rehearsing at the Jamboree Club, April, 2019.
“Departure” will be included on “The Magical Forest Tour.”
The band for Jan’s new CD (l.to r.): Enric Fuster, Victor Carrascosa, Marcal Perramon, Jan Domenech, and Juan Pastor.



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Garry Berman


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