Claudia Rostey: The Life of an 18-year-old Barcelona Jazz Trombonist

The SAJB — with assorted alumni and musical guests — get silly for the band photo at the 2021 Jazzing Festival.
Rita Payes was a 15-year-old trombone prodigy when she recorded the Brazilian classic, “Flor de Lis” by Djavan. This video has recently passed 2 million views on YouTube.
Claudia in June, 2015.
With Joan Chamorro in 2019, upon her joining the SAJB.
Claudia and fellow trombonist Max Tato apply their skills to “You Don’t Know What Love Is” (with guest trombonist Carlos Martin) at the 2020 Jazzing Fest.
Claudia sings at the recent 8th annual Jazzing Festival, created by and featuring Joan Chamorro and the SAJB.
Alba Armengou.



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Garry Berman


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