The Magic of the Voice: The Singers of the Sant Andreu Jazz Band

Eva, Andrea, and Magali, back in the day.
Left to right: Magali Datzira, Rita Payes, Andrea Motis, Eva Fernandez.
Andrea taking on the vocalese classic “Moody’s Mood For Love.” The audience reaction at the end — as well as that of the musicians — indicates how all were aware that they had just experienced a very special moment.
Elia immerses herself in Joao Gilberto’s “Conversa Em Conversa.”
Joana Casanova in her element.
The latest “Magic of the Voice” incarnation, l. to r.: Arranger Joan Monne, Joana Casanova, Alba Armengou, Elia Bastida, Alba Esteban, and Joan Chamorro.
The New Quartet, with frequent guest, the legendary tenor saxophonist Scott Hamilton.
The current SAJB trumpet section:
Noa Galgo (14) Max Munné (11), Martha Vives (15) Alba Armengou (18), Elsa Armengou (15),and Gerard Peñaranda (13) comprise the section that was once led by Joan Mar Sauqué and Andrea Motis.



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Garry Berman

Garry Berman


Pop Culture historian, Freelance Writer, Author, specializing in American comedy history in films, radio, and TV. Beatles and jazz enthusiast, animal lover.