Josep Traver: Guitarist of all Trades

At The Jazz House, 2019.
Andrea taking on “The Sunny Side of the Street,” complete with extraordinary solo.
The quintet in 2019: Joan Chamorro, Josep Traver, Ignasi Terraza, Andrea Motis, Esteve Pi. Traver wrote for his birthday that year: ”A gift that has lasted for a long time is to be playing regularly with Andrea, Joan, Ignasi and Esteve, where every day I learn a lot from them as a musician and as a person, traveling and sharing countless moments and music. Also super grateful to play in other projects, to be at the Badalona School of Music, students, classmates, friends, family, acquaintances and so on...Thank you for all these gifts!”
Traver, on drums, studies future SAJB members Rita Payes and Ruth Marguenda, performing “Charinhoso.”
Carla in 2015.
From 2014, a rare clip of Carla demonstrating her mastery of the Grant Green solo on “Cool Blues” for her teacher. “It was at my home, Carla came without guitar, because I have some, and she took the 335, which fits perfectly with her playing. She transcribed the solo by ear and typed herself, to take phrasing, language, expression, sound and ideas for improvisation. How lucky to have students like her.”
A shining example of how Carla Motis can play a swinging solo with remarkable stillness.
Belgian guitar legend Django Reinhardt.
Chamorro conducting a mix of SAJB generations.
Playing as a trio in August, 2018.
Opening for the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, led by Wynton Marsalis, in February, 2020.
In 2020, the SAJB coped with the pandemic lockdown by producing several videos with each musician recorded remotely in his or her home, edited to produce this stunning effect.



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Garry Berman


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