Pie in Your Eye: A history of the pie-in-the-face gag

Mabel and Roscoe in “A Noise From the Deep.”
Roscoe and Buster in “The Butcher Boy.”
Keaton and Alice Faye.
“The Battle of the Century.”
The long-lost scene, restored (for the most part) here.
Jackie Cooper gets a direct hit.
Soupy (far left) with Sinatra, Sammy, Trini Lopez.
The aftermath of the pie fight.
Lynn Redgrave, MIchael York, and Rita Tushingham take part in a battle with many gags derived from classics of comedy’s Golden Era.



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Garry Berman

Garry Berman


Pop Culture historian, Freelance Writer, Author, specializing in American comedy history in films, radio, and TV. Beatles and jazz enthusiast, animal lover.