Jobim is Alive and Well in Barcelona

Joan Chamorro (front row, third from left) and the Sant Andreu Jazz Band.
Gilberto and Jobim serenade the ladies of Rio.
Jobim with de Moraes.
Gilberto, Jobim, and Getz rehearsing.
Asrud and Getz perform live in 1964.
Alba Armengou and Rita Payes sing their exhilarating version of “The Waters of March” (with guest saxophonist Joel Frahm.)
Max Salgdo on French horn leads the band on “Wave”, with guest Joel Frahm.
Elia Bastida immerses herself in another Jobim standard, “Insensatez (Insensitive)”.
Rita Payes, only 15 at the time and already considered a trombone prodigy, charms the crowd with her vocals on Jobim’s “Desafinado,” ably assisted by Andrea Motis (trumpet), Ignasi Terraza (piano), Joan Chamorro (bass), guest Scott Hamilton (sax), Josep Traver (guitar), and Esteve Pi (drums).
One of Alba Armengou’s most beautifully elegant performances as both singer and trumpeter, performing Jobim’s “Meditation.” (baritone sax solo by Alba Esteban).



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Garry Berman

Garry Berman

Pop Culture historian, Freelance Writer, Author, specializing in American comedy history in films, radio, and TV. Beatles and jazz enthusiast, animal lover.